Friday, June 12, 2009

Why does everything have to be so difficult?

I don't even know if I should write about this here - but it is MY blog...

I have a situation with someone who may or may not read this blog (thanks to an unwanted public link to this blog...) but I really need some advice. If I tell my husband then he will get mad at this person and it will become an even larger mess than it already is. It all stems from an unanswered e-mail in an account that I rarely check (and yes - this person has several others ways of contacting me). I responded as soon as I saw the e-mail but now this person is not talking to me. It's creating stress where there really does not need to be any.


Lea said...

Sounds pretty petty and childish of this person to be upset about an unanswered email. If the content was that important, why didn't they get a hold of you in person?

Not like you have bigger stuff to worry about, right??

I hope it works out.

Michele said...

It sounds like the person's problem. The issue with email is that, unless you send a reader verification, you can never know if/when someone gets the email. I cant tell you how many times an email has accidentally gone to spam or something and I'd never know if someone didnt follow up in another medium to say "did you get that?"

Dont worry about someone's kindergarten behavior. You have much better things to focus your time on.

Ya Chun said...

What can you do? Tell them you're sorry that you didn't see the message in time and ask them to please not be mad at you.

then it's on them to sort out their own feelings about it.

email me if you want