Monday, June 22, 2009


We are going to the beach for a week right after the 4th!!!! I'm so excited - we haven't been on vacation in 3 years.

It came up out of the blue this weekend while we were staying at my in-laws. My MIL has wanted us all to go on vacation together for years but we just never managed to coordinate schedules. Now we have a compelling reason. My SIL and her husband are going overseas on a teaching/mission trip at the end of July. They will be gone at least 1 year and possibly longer. So as a going away present MIL & FIL decided to take us all to the beach for a week. And even better - because it was a last minute rental - we got a great discount on the condo rental. Now I just need to get myself organized and plan what we need to take. We are there for 6 nights - I'm thining of asking SIL and I to split the 6 nights and each make dinner 3 nights. That way my MIL won't have to worry about cooking - since they sprang for the condo I figure the least we can do is bring the food.

I've got a Dr's appointment next week - I need to be sure Dr. J feels OK with me going away for a week - but I think it will be OK. It's just 3 hrs away from home. Keep your fingers crossed that everything stays OK between now and then (and after...)

All I can say right now is YEAH!!!

P.S. The yarn store was so much fun on Friday - I bought way to much. But I did resist the $40 white alpaca that felt like a dream! Yaya had a great time too. They had all sorts of little kids stuff at the yarn store. Then we went and got pizza for lunch at my most favorite pizza place that I never get to go to anymore. It was a wonderful day.


Michele said...

Have a great time! That is wonderful!

We have an alpaca farm near us, less than an hour away. They are so adorable. If you are ever in PA, you will have to stop by and we will go, with our healthy little ones and cute Yaya and our hubbies in tow, and we will go to the farm and play with the alpacas and get fresh yarn!

Heather said...

Vacation!!! How wonderful!!!

Keeping fingers crossed that your pregnancy stays completely boring until then, and stays completely boring until after.

Heather said...

I hope your vacation is pure bliss! Have a great time with your family!