Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello belly

Well - It's official I now have a round little belly to go with this pregnancy. And I have two pairs of pants (jeans) left that I can actually wear. It feels early this time - but everything I read says that you start to show earlier in a second pregnancy. (It still feels strange to say it that way...second pregnancy?)

Since I found out I was pregnant I've been going to goodwill every week or so to see what they have. I've gotten a nice assortment of shirts that way but not really any pants. (I am a value shooper of the biggest kind!!! And for soem reason it feels like if something does happen it will be easier to get rid of these clothes than ones that I take a lot of time picking out.)

So we took a trip to the mall yesterday. Not exactly inspiring choices. I just wanted three pairs of basic dressy / casual capris to wear to work - that didn't cost $50 each. No such luck!! Did I miss something? Are pregnant women not allowed to wear capri pants? There were a total of three stores at this gigantic mall that even had maternity clothes. And the only capri pants they had were cargo pants. Nice - but not work nice... Granted I work in a pretty casusal environment, but I do feel bad going in to work looking completely sloppy.

So it looks like I'll be buying my pants online...

AND - I almost forgot. We had another ultrasound yesterday. Everything looked good. Baby was measuring at 12w. (should be 12w3d, but the Dr. said that was OK at this point - still worries me but then again what doesn't???) They didn't do the NT scan or blood work since I know already that I would like to do the amnio at 15weeks. But I did have to get another Rogam (sorry for the spelling) shot - just to be safe.

Saw Dr. E again. It went much better this time - no tears until we were in the car. It's not that seeing her upsets me in a bad way - it's just that she was there for all the worst parts. She knows (and remembers) every intimate detail of what happened with Ellie. No one else even comes close to having that kind of understanding of where we were or what we had to do. I guess seeing her just brings it all back.


Michele said...

first, congrats on another good u/s!

Second, i hate shopping, too. it sucks!!!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about the maternity clothes. There is little to no selection where I live.

I'm not working, so dressiness wasn't a concern for me. Last time I was in the states I noticed that Target had some cute clothes (I wasn't pregnant at the time, so I didn't look too closely, but I remember noticing it). Might be worth a shot?

Funsize said...

I went to Ross for capris. Old Navy also has some really good jeans- I'm super petite and I didn't need to get them altered, and they're fairly affordable at $24.50. There's also a website that has some pretty affordable clothes, even transitional clothes.


I hate shopping for clothes you can only wear for so long, but these seem pricent decently enough it doesn't hurt too much.