Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Monday!

The tomatillo salsa was FABULOUS! Except for the part where I couldn't eat it... I took one bite and knew there was no way I could take another one without... well you understand... So T got to eat every last bit of it himself.

I go in for my amnio and growth scan tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the ultrasound. It feels like forever since we've been able to see what's going on in there. But I'm really nervous too - what if there is already something wrong? We are starting to get into the "danger zone" as I think of it. That time when things weren't really wrong yet - but they obviously weren't right either. Will Dr. J be able to pick up on it if there is something wrong again - or will it happen just like it did last time? Stealth killer - waiting to reveal itself until it was to late? My BP has been great - btu it was until the very last minute last time too.

Aside from my worry we had a pretty good weekend. We filled up YaYa's little pool and hung out there for most of the weekend. Then yesterday afternoon we had a big water fight. We chased each other around the yard with cups of water until we were all soaking wet and laughing. T's car got drenched because we ended up using it as a shield most of the time.

On an even better note - only 5 more days until VACATION!!!!


Just Breathe said...

I'm reading bits and pieces of your blog and thank you for stopping over at my "For Your Tears" blog. I agree, I'm here at my computer all the time, adding new people daily. I can read for hours. I'm excited about the baby.
I will pray for a full term birth.
Love the photo's from China. The beach sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful time. God Bless

Michele said...

sending you warm vibes for your appt- hope all goes well. take care to get rest after the amnio.

and what a lovely weekend! glad you had a nice time!

Googies Girl said...

I just found you & stopping by from Under the Tree. I've never really held up my end of the deal by supporting others, until now!! I really love Blog Reading also!!
Sending you many prayers for an uneventful & perfect appointment tomorrow.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...


I'll be hoping, praying, and sending peaceful thoughts your way. I know I'd be fearful and I suppose that's normal. Who knows what normal is anymore? Envision each of us in blogland holding your hand tomorrow.

Peace, my friend.

Barefoot said...

Thinking of you and hoping everything went well today with your little avocado.