Friday, June 26, 2009

Menu ideas???

OK - I need more help...

As you know we are going to the beach in a couple weeks with T's family. SIL and I have agreed to split up cooking duties - I'll cook three evening meals and she'll cook three meals. Lunch and breakfast we will all kind of be on our own...

So now the big question is what do I make???

I'm a vegetarian - at home it's not that much of a problem. We eat a lot of veggies and usually there is some kind of meat for T & YaYa on the side. But T's family is pretty much meat only. Not much of an issue either because I make meat for T & YaYa all the time. The problem is - what do people at the beach like to eat? We're staying in a condo with no grill so hamburgers and hot dogs are out. MIL doesn't like chicken... Would it be weird to make slopy joes or spaghetti??? I would go with salads and a stir fry - but I know that won't fly with FIL... Honestly - I could probably eat PB&J all week if it meant I could spend more time at the pool. That would make shopping easier... Think they's all go for it?

Sorry - I'm just racking my brain trying to come up with non-offensive dinner options that 8 people will all like. (and won't cost a fortune...) HELP!!!!!!


Heather said...

I would think any type of Italian dish would be good for a large group, and it's usually something you can prepare ahead of time and just bake when you need it (lasagna, manicotti - a favorite around here, ravioli). You could have marinara and meatsauce so everyone would be happy. You could also make a summery soup that you could prepare earlier in the day - gazpacho or minestrone, maybe? Hope you get more suggestions! Oh, what about broiled vegetable kabobs and fried rice? You could toss some steak onto the skewers for the meat-eaters ;).

Jacinta said...

Risotto? That is always my fallback position for vegetarians. You could always add chicken or bacon for non-vegetarian portions.

Michele said...

we are veg except when i crave meat during pg. my mil (who isnt veg) perfected a kickass faux meat lasagna. there's also spaghetti w/ fake meatballs, chili, or eggplant parm. I recommend Quorn products for fake meat that even meateaters like.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

What about make-your-own burritos? You could warm some tortillas and put them in a covered dish. Then, set out bowls of cheese, meat (such as ground beef, pulled pork, shredded chicken), greens (I don't like iceberg, so I'd set out spinach or other lettuce), onions, shredded carrots, jalapenos, black beans, cilantro, lime, sour cream, etc. And, you could buy the margarita tubs you put into the freezer to cut down on labor during the meal (you can take some out for yourself prior to adding the liquor). :)

Another night, you could go with the same concept with sub sandwiches. Provide a bunch of fixings like various cheeses, salad greens, herbs, avocado, a couple deli meats, pesto, mayo, mustard, onions, olive oil, ground pepper and sea salt. Perhaps add a fruit salad to this one. And, iced tea, lemonade, or long island iced tea for a beverage.

And, I do like the lasagna/manicotti idea served with a large salad and great bread alongside olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese. Perhaps even some bruschetta made with local tomatoes. You could even 'wow' them with some tiramisu you could pick up at the grocery store's frozen aisle.

(Thank you for your support on my blog. It means a lot to me).


Ya Chun said...

i'd haul in my crockpot (unless you're flying) - who wants to spend time in the kitchen????

ribs or pork steak with BBQ sauce (a huge jar to coat the meat)

that sucks - no grill!

Triple S is a carnivore but i get him to eat veg sometimes - try kidney bean salad with cardamom and walnuts - a cool side dish for hot weather, and if you use lettuce, it should be enuf to fill you up.

i like the burrito or taco bar idea up above.

Anonymous said...

You could make tacos or enchiladas one night. Have you ever checked out They have a lot of good, easy recipes.