Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is there such a thing? and other random-ness

Is there such a thing as a blog-o-holic??? If so - I think I've become one. I'm far to busy reading other blogs (with new ones everyday) to keep up my own in any sort of sensible way. I also check multiple times per day to see who has posted anything new... I can't keep up. First it was reading - then came the knitting - now its blogs... I don't have time for a life and my three favorite obsessions.

I used to travel and work in China a lot. The industry I'm in kind of demands that now. My three closest co-workers are in China right now without me. It makes me a little sad (and jealous) that they are there without me.

It's a long flight and grueling schedule once you arrive - but it's also a ton of fun to just cut loose and completely enjoy the silliness that happens after you spend way to much time with a small group of people on the road.

Have I mentioned how much I really love my boss? He's as serious about our work as a person can get - and he certainly demands excellence - but at the same time he is our biggest cheerleader and completely knows when to step back and let us take control. I just love all the times I've been able to sit at dinner and have a beer and great conversations with him.

Had to include a few pictures - just because! All of these were taken in Shanghai... either right before or right after Chinese New Year a few years ago.


Michele said...

I'm totally addicted, too. My Dashboard account gets more loads on my computer than my email does! I think I follow something like 770+ blogs. I dont know how it even happened. And I feel so connected to so many of the people. The shared connections make such a big deal, especially now. Honestly, I dont know what I'd do without the support from blogworld and feeling like I can offer that same support to others.

I've always wanted to go to China, although I have to say that pregnant, I dont want to go anywhere. Sometimes even bed seems like a challenge as I roll over! I told Peter the other day; this pregnancy is the hardest yet. Probably most of that is fear over physical issues. But it is still there.

But, back to China. Gorgeous pictures! We've gone to Chinatown before New Years and it is so very cool. I love being so close.

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm addicted too.

Those pictures are great, btw!

Barefoot said...

I'm totally a blogaholic as well.....although I've been terrible these past couple of weeks and it gives me GUILT. Which is kind of funny, when you think about it. :)

Looks like we're on about the same schedule.....

Bree said...

Hi my name is Bree and I too am a blog-a-holic. :)