Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've got way to many thoughts racing around in my head. It feels like forever since I've had actual time to sit down and think about writing a good post. (sorry - today I'm to scattered to do it either)

The Dr's office is still working with the insurance company to get the Lov.e.nox covered. I'm hoping to have a final answer by Monday. I just hope I don't have to coordinate all of this discussion every month.

This will hopefully make you chuckle... A's new nickname for T is "Big Belly" She walks up to him and slaps her hand on his stomach and says "Hey Big Belly" I laugh every time. To "A" being "big" is the best compliment a person can get or give. Every night after dinner she sticks out her stomach as far as it will go and says "look how big I am Mommy"

A is starting to become aware of the differences in how we look. She's noticed that her skin color is brown and I'm extremely white. We've always talked about her adoption but now I think we need to start talking more in depth about us as a family and what that means. It also makes me worry about the effect of having a biological child in the family. (That's a whole other post...)

But for now - We're going to have a quiet weekend and I'm off to watch Sesame Street and eat pancakes.


Michele said...

I'm adopted and my parents have a biological son as well. They were open about the situation from the start. The one thing that my mom said that sticks out in my mind to this day is this. "Your brother was the baby I grew in my belly, but you were the baby I grew in my heart." Even now, as an adult, I get tears just thinking about that. My mom is Native American; I'm pretty darn white Irish. Even my (Irish) dad is more ruddy. We looked different when I was growing up (although time really does make you look alike...) My brother tanned so easily even in winter. My mom used to say "God loves diversity, otherwise we'd all like vanilla." Another of her good quotes. Love makes a family... Genetics? Hell, we're all related anyway somewhere down the line.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

I like what Michele had to say. It's nice to hear reassurances from somebody who has walked in those shoes.

Also, I was wondering if there's a group in your area that focuses on learning about your adoptive child's heritage and ethnicity. I know people have differing opinions on this and I'm in no position to offer an opinion. But, I just thought it might be a possible resource for you.