Monday, September 14, 2009

random ramblings...

It feels really strange to be so publicly pregnant. I'm big enough now that everyone feels the need to comment in some way or another. (One guy who works in the warehouse even asked if I was having twins...I KNOW I'm not that big yet!!!)

Why are the comments so hard to handle? It's like all of a sudden my body went from being my own business to every one's.

I'm happy and excited to be where I am - it's just weirdly different than I expected...if I really expected anything in particular.

I dragged YaYa and T to the local Tar.get this weekend to do a baby registry. T's mom told us in no uncertain terms that she will be having a shower for us no matter what. T doesn't like the idea very much but I think he will get over it. I'm kind of excited. We didn't get to have one for YaYa or Ellie so this is a whole new thing for me. In the process of choosing things T actually started to point out things that he thought were cute...major progress!!! And YaYa just chose things that she liked... I added them at the store - but now I've got to go back through and take them off... I don't think the baby will need a spider man rolling backpack for a while....

It feels good to have a list of things that we will need for the baby. Even if we don't have any of them early - there is a plan in place. It makes me feel better. They were also having an awesome sale on baby stuff last week so I went ahead and ordered a car seat and a co-sleeper to be delivered to work. That way I have the bare minimum of what we need when the baby does come and T doesn't need to stress about it in the interim. He can go buy the crib and everything else after the baby is born and I will not give it another thought. I stressed myself out over it for a week and now - I'm just going to let it go.

I read this post by Craig this morning and realized how much of the attention and care has been focused on me during this pregnancy. So I'm going to work on giving T the tlc and attention he deserves. I live with this baby every minute of every day...he just sees my belly grow and hears me complain about shots and heartburn. If he could feel what goes on inside me minute by minute he would have a whole different perspective. I try to get him to feel the baby move but by the time he gets his hands where they need to be the baby has gone quiet again.

Sorry for the weekly ups and downs - I seem to be bouncing from one extreme to the other. But for now - I'm back to feeling good about things.


Just Breathe said...

People just love pregnant women, they feel free to talk to you. I read the post from Craig today and I felt so bad. We do cater to the pregnant woman and the grieving mother. I guess we all assume that men are strong and handle things differently. We have to remember the dad's too. His message hit home.

jamie said...

Congrats on being so pregnant! Enjoy the fun baby stuff - I have dreams this pregnancy will go far enough for me to actually have a baby shower. It seems like such fun (and a little bittersweet).

The hubbies really do have it kinda hard. Glad yours was able to start enjoying the baby gear :)

Michele said...

Dont you just love people and their comments? I mean, really, who thinks it is actually okay to say "Are you having twins"? Why dont you just come out and say "You look like a house." I remember one of my docs coming in and saying "Wow, you are getting big." Really? We need that clarified?

So happy things are going well!! Sending big hugs!