Sunday, September 20, 2009


Thank you all for the thoughts and comments about Big Boy's name. It just feels like the right name.

Here I am feeling completely gigantic and people (not people I see every day...) are just now starting to tell me that I really look pregnant... Like they hadn't been sure until now if I was just gaining weight or what.

It's strange and new to be this pregnant. I just follow my belly around all day long. It's like a whole other appendage with a life of it's own attached to my body. It just rolls and bulges with no thought to who might want to be asleep or not.

Big boy must have turned head down last night. All of a sudden I am feeling kicks high in ribs right where my abdomen tends to fold in half when I sit down.

As with everything this time around there is a sense of nostalgia with each new pregnancy sensation. I wonder what it would have been like to get to 28wks with Ellie. If we could have caught the PE and slowed it's progress and given her time to grow. But I try not to dwell on those thoughts. They never lead to a good state of mind.

We have another growth scan on Tuesday. I'm hoping everything still looks as good as it did last time. I feel like my belly has gotten bigger - but I haven't really gained much weight between this time and the last. (Maybe that's a good thing...). Hopefully we will have some great pics to show you then!


Tina said...

Reading your post reminded me of the kicks in the ribs I continually got from my Ellie when I was pregnant with the twins. I am in tears because I don't think about those really happy times much, unfortunately I think about the sad times more often. Glad to hear tings are progressing well with the pregnancy. xx

Ruth said...

I bet the big belly looks good on you!

Just Breathe said...

I am so glad that things are progressing so beautifully. I am so excited that you are at 28 wks.
I don't know if you know Michele over at My Life After Loss. She has become a very dear friend of mine and her twins arrived a week ago at 28 weeks and they are doing fantastic. They are her miracle. I am praying for your little Eli to stay inside for at least another 10 weeks. I can't wait to meet him. God Bless.

Michele said...

That nostalgia feeling followed me too.

28w! That is so wonderful!!!

jamie said...

Yippee to 28 weeks! I love the name Eli - I think it is perfect.

I hope to pass my most pregnant yet mark that I had with Vincent - I can imagine things can take a certain bittersweet aspect after that. But I am glad you are living in the good and not dwelling much!

Hope everything looks great tomorrow :)