Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Who would have guessed....

...I have whooping cough.

Yes, that old fashioned sickness that you never hear about anymore. How in the world did I manage to get whooping cough you might wonder? Honestly - I have no clue. But now I have some bright shiny new antibiotics that will hopefully eliminate this evil cough sooner rather than later because I'd really like to get some sleep in the last month before we are invaded by a hungry newborn.

Besides the whole whooping cough thing today was a pretty productive visit at the MFM.

Baby was great for the NST. My uterus on the other hand was not - it has gotten irritable. Personally - I think it's just pissed off by all the coughing - but that's just my non-medical opinion. So now I'm doing NSTs 2x a week - just to make sure.

Also in the not so great news department - my BP is officially up and there is protein in my urine. Nothing dangerous but it's time to start watching things a little more closely.

And the really big - super exciting news for the control freak in me.... WE HAVE A DATE!!!! The whole baby birthing process will officially start December 5th! Now every one that needs to be here can make travel plans and we don't have to stress about what to do with YaYa when it's time. Some one will be here and ready to take over for a few days. This is also assuming that everything stays the same for me and Big Boy between now and then.

Walking out of the office today with that date all set and ready was such a wonderful feeling! It was like a huge stressful weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now I can relax and plan the next month out in detail!!!


Crystal said...

LOL you crack me up about the date.. I was the EXACT same way and it took those girls FOREVER to give me a date. Needless to say I didn't deliver on that date thanks to nasty PE. Oh well though because I have a healthy little boy! I agree that your uterus is probably just pissy about the coughing! lol. It actually is pretty common for adults to get whooping cough because most people don't know you need to get the vaccine again. I need to do that! It's dangerous to our children but sadly people just aren't educated about it and for some reason drs don't mention it either! Anyways I hope you feel better soon. Sorry you have NST's twice a week.. those things drive me nutso!

Bluebird said...

Oh, wow, what to respond to first?!?!

Okay - YAY! about the date. Totally get that :)

Sucks about whooping cough - very bizare! I hope the antibiotics kick in soon and you're able to get some relief.

Finally. . . it seems that you and your MFM are handling it beautifully, but my heart starts racing whenever I read "BP up," "protein in my urine". . . I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this additional stress, but it sounds like you're in wonderful hands and I'm celebrating your quickly approaching date with you!!

Ya Chun said...

yay, a date! let's just hope the bp stays low enough to make ti to next month.

whooping cough? Isn't there a vaccine for that? Course, guess you don't need that now! feel better soon

AKD said...

I've only read books from colonial times about whooping cough! I thought that was pretty much gone! Hope you get to feeling better SOON - and looking forward to Dec. 5 for you!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are 34, wait almost 35 weeks! That is fan freaking tabulous!

I am so excited for you!