Monday, November 2, 2009


I have gotten a terrible, miserable something or other that has me coughing constantly! As if my stomach muscles weren't sore enough from being stretched to the limit. I have to brace myself everytime I feel a cough coming on - otherwise it feels like I am going to split my ribcage in two!

I don't want to go to the clinic because I am more worried about picking up something more dangerous than what I already have so I'm going to wait it out until my MFM appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping she will give me some thing to reduce the coughing - but most likely not.

I'm just exhausted from all the coughing...and the crazy weekend schedule.

Saturday we did an infant care class - nothing to in depth, just how to handle a brand new baby once you get home. (Yes, we have a daughter - but she was already 10 months old when she got to come home with us. So no previous newborn experience for either of us.) Mostly standard stuff - but one more thing that made us realize we need to get ready for this baby sooner rather than later.

Then Sunday I did a breastfeeding class. Sorry - but this scared the crap out of me!!! Something that seemed so natural and uncomplicated now seems like this monumental task to be undertaken. Maybe I'm just going completely wacko in these last few weeks... I hope it turns out tobe much easier than it seems!

But the biggest news of all !!!!! We bought furniture this weekend (It is currently sitting in boxes in our dining room but hey - it's a start!) and T is going to paint the room this week!!! Maybe by next week (if I'm lucky) I'll be able to post some baby room pictures.

Keep your fingers crossed that I get rid of this cough soon - it's miserable!!!


Mrs. Spit said...

pasturized honey. Carry a jar, have a spoonful each time you want to cough. Works well.

Also, tea with lemon and scotch mints.

Just Breathe said...

Feel better soon. Don't give up on the breastfeeding. It's not that hard, it is natural so don't get overwhelmed. I loved it. My kids only nursed for 3months. Be sure to give it a try.

AKD said...

Feel better soon! Hopefully your cough goes away soon!

Tina said...

Yay on the progress with the babies room! Watch the cough and if you start running a fever go see your dr. I started with a cough a few weeks ago and was sick for 2 weeks...yuck! Hope you feel better soon! xx