Friday, July 17, 2009

Why do people have to be so rude???

Before I go off on my rant I just want to tell everyone thank you for all the support from my last post.

On to the rant...I just got off the phone after trying to change my ultrasound & OB appointments... it did NOT go well. Normally everyone at the MFM office where I go - is so nice and so helpful... until now.

When I called in this morning I told the woman that I needed to change my appointment. The first thing she asked was why I needed to change the appointment. Really - this is none of her business, but it was because I had decided that I didn't want to have to go to the ultrasound alone and we couldn't drive 1hr to the clinic wait for the 1 1/2hr delay, have the ultrasound, wait to see the Dr and make the 1 hr drive back home in time to pick YaYa up from daycare. So I told her that I couldn't make it back in time to pick up my daughter. Her response - you should have thought of that before you made your appointments. I very nicely bit my tongue and didn't comment because I did make the appointment knowing full well that the time wasn't good - but at the tiem I thought I would be OK going by myself. I changed my mind - but that shouldn't make a bit of difference.

Anyway - to make a long story short... this woman managed to argue with me on every single thing I asked fer. I ended up with three appointments on three different days because she was unwilling to try and work out a better schedule for me because I was being difficult.

I guess needing my husband to accompany me to a very stressful ultrasound makes me a difficult patient...

I'm just glad it's FRIDAY!!! Even though I do need to get ready of a house full of people. (My parents are coming to visit tomorrow.) I'm still glad to see this week end.

Speaking of visitors and just becaus it feels liek that random kind of day - I found the best place in the world yesterday. It's called "Company's Coming". They make up all kinds of food and freeze it then you take it home and bake it. Voila - a wonderful meal! I think I bought one of everything they have. It's what we will be eating all weekend. I used to love cooking - but not so much lately. I'm hoping this will mean YaYa and T can get some "home" cooked food more often than not too.


Bluebird said...

Oh that's so irritating! I felt myself bristling just reading it :) I guess in the future your response will just be, "Does it matter?" Ugh. I'll tell you, I really adore my OB and all the drs in her practice, but everytime I call or visit I threaten to find a new dr. just because the staff is so unhelpful most of the time!

Just Breathe said...

I really don't understand why people, who can't be nice, work in a place where they deal with people all day long. I am so sorry you got a bad one today. Are you excited about your parents coming? The food sounds awesome. I have company coming next week and I will be buying all kinds of ready made meals at Costco! Have a great weekend.

Heather said...

The staff sucks. Once my OB called to book an ultrasound appt for me (an extra ultrasound, just to make me feel better, not a scheduled ultrasound), and the receptionist even gave her a hard time! She ended up talking with some supervisor and totally freaked out, saying that it's none of the receptionist's business why she was booking an ultrasound, it was her job just to go ahead and book it! What is wrong with people???

I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Heather said...

Ugh. I think every office is required to stock one nasty receptionist, much like the fish tanks they all have. It got to the point, by the time I was nearing delivery with E, that I was snippy right back at the one in my office. She seemed completely unmoved by my nastiness, though.

Hopefully, you can call back and get those three combined - by someone who is actually equipped to deal with *people*.

Michele said...

OMG... That is terrible! Tell me that you are going to complain about this evil woman!

I am so sorry for having such a crappy time. That is so not cool.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Yuck. Those encounters make me sick to the stomach and stick with me for days, even weeks. It really irks me when people in the medical profession, whether they are the receptionist or the doctor, just don't understand that part of their job description is to serve their patients. Not their own schedules. Their patients' schedules, their patients' medical concerns, their patients needs. It literally baffles my mind that 'First do no harm' is lost on such people. I'm hoping you're stronger than I and can put this behind you this weekend.

We've had a few of the make and take places here (whether you make it or they make it for you). I'm unable to take advantage of them these days due to N's nut allergy (cross contamination bites). :)


Funsize said...

How rude! I'm surprised you held your tongue, I wouldn't have been able to. When you go to your ultrasound, you should bring it up with your MFM. Something around the lines of...when is your best availability because I tried to re-schedule but ending up getting the run around from said receptionist. I did that with my OB, I told him I had a hard time getting ahold of him because of his staff and since then I haven't had an issue since. Maybe you'll get the same result?