Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another U/S tomorrow

Don't you just love the beautiful flowers I got for Mother's day. A & T picked them from our back yard. It may look like we have some sort of garden - but really it's just a glorified weed patch that happens to have a few brave flowers that poke their heads up every so often.
It's only Wednesday and already this feel like a long week. I have been so tired in the afternoons that I am pretty much useless after about 2pm. It makes my drive home miserable.
I have my second US tomorrow. I'm hoping things still look good - but trying not to assume that they will. But the good news is that my BP has been completely NORMAL since my appointment last week. (huge sigh of relief). Hopefully I'll have some pictures after tomorrow's appointment.

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Michele said...

Fingers are crossed! I have another DRs appt and scan tomorrow too, so I'll most certainly keep my fingers crossed for both of us!