Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks for the advice... I don't think what is going on with me and my breasts is mastasis. I looked it up and that seems a lot more serious than what I am experiencing. It's gotten better over the last few dasy so I might wait before I do anything. Little man still seems to be getting enough when he's nursing - I just don't get much pumping.

Starting yesterday we both seem to have picked up the cold bug that has been going around. My throat is sore and little man has a terrible cough. Hopefully this will resolve itself quickly and without any Dr visits.

And as a major bonus - little man has decided that he loves to watch me knit. As a not so major bonus he also finds laundry folding to be completely amusing...

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Anonymous said...

We have all been sick here with a cold bug...resulting in three Dr. visits so far for Alison and she isn't even better yet! I hope you two recover quickly!