Monday, February 22, 2010

Books, Breastfeeding and Chocolate

Slightly random post - but that's just how my mind works these days...Hope you all had a GREAT weekend. I love waking up to sunlight! Yesterday when I got up to take a shower for church the sun was coming up! WELCOME SPRING!!!!

Books - I have loved to read all of my life. I love getting lost in a story. Finishing a book is like the shock of cold air after getting out of a warm pool. I've had a great run of good reads so far this year. I keep a list of what I've read on the family photo blog, but I think I'm going to move it here. I will read almost anything as long as it isn't violent or gory. I've got a whole self of things waiting for me - I hope I can keep up this good reading streak! All of the pumping I've been doing lately has given me the stolen moments during the day (and night) to read. Have you read anything interesting lately? Who are your favorite authors and favorite books?

Breastfeeding - Believe it or not - after 11 weeks - I finally feel like I've gotten the hang of things. But of course, now that it feels like we are on track - my body has decided to rebel. I think my supply is decreasing drastically. I used to be able to pump 4 - 5 oz at a time. Now it's more like 2 or 3. And there is some serious pain! It feels like a hot buring sensation after I pump. Is this normal? Could this have something to do with my drop in production? Ugh...just as I was starting to feel good about something had to go wrong! (And I've finally gotten T on board with it too!!!) I'm going to go buy fenugreek - I hope it helps.

Chocolate - post valentines candy is very, very dangerous and very, very tasty!!!!

Oh yeah - what do you think of the new look?


Crystal said...

It sounds like you may have a clog, mastitis or a yeast infection. I would call your dr ASAP. :/ I had 4 or 5 bouts of mastitis with J but my supply always came back after I got the clogs out and infection gone. Hope that helps. Good Luck!!

Niki said...

I agree with Crys ... I think you have a clogged duct. I had a few and man did they kill. I couldn't get anything out with the pump and had to do some serious hand expression (um talk about pain). Hot pack, hand expression, and baby to the breast should help. I don't think the pump will do the trick (at least it didn't for me). Good luck!

BTW ... I like the new look!

Mrs. Spit said...

Sounds like mastitis. Hot clothes on your breasts before and after pumping, massage, and maybe some fenugreek.

Amazon Alanna said...

I agree with the previous posters. For me, increasing milk production was all about fenugreek (motherlove liquid drops from the healthfood store was my choice pick), oatmeal for breakfast (not instant), and a Guiness a couple of times a week.

Angelwingsbaby said...

my OB put me on the medication reglan to up production my body responded for a while but my little guy lost interest by then good luck hope it gets better breast feeding is not easy but if you can do it very beneficial