Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back at work

Being back at work SUCKS!

I was all excited and loving it last week...but this week has been a drag. It feels like I have been out of the loop for so long it will take months to get bck in the swing of things. All of my in progress projects were left at a dead standstill because the person who was supposed to follow up on them completely dropped the ball. (That's a whole other post...) And now I've got to try and get my own stuff done and gear up for my partner to go on maternity leave!

We still haven't gotten a good schedule worked out so I feel constatnly exhausted. Little man still doesn't come close to sleeping through the night. So I'm up with him at least two times. And by the time he wakes up the second time it's almost time for me to get up and start getting ready so I usually end up laying awake until the alarm goes off. (whine, whine, whine...)

I don't know how much longer BF is going to last. Pumping while at the office is just plain wierd and completely uncomfortable. My office does have a door, but not a lock, so there is the constant fear that someone will just walk in. Then there is also the fact that I work with a bunch of old men who could really care less about babies and motherhood and all the issues that go along with that.

We had an appointment with a studio from England last week. I mentioned that I was just back after being out for 8 weeks on maternity leave. He mentioned that in England mothers get 1 year after a baby is born! I'm so jealous!


Leah said...

I'm always amazed at how long those European countries give women on maternity leave. I'm so jealous!

My work has lactation rooms where women can go and pump. Luckily they have locks on the door. I would definitely be freaked out pumping in my office without a lock. Hee hee. :-D

Michele said...

oh I know!!! European mat leave puts ours to shame!!

Bluebird said...

Isn't that crazy re maternity leave in Europe! It might be the same in Canada too . . .and to think my work is giving me problems about wanting 3 months instead of 2 :)

I'm with you re pumping at work. Part of the reason I want 3 months is because I think it'd be strange and uncomfortable to pump at work (also without a door!) and I think I'd be more comfortable stopping BFing by then. GL to you!

Mrs. Spit said...

There's a year in Canada. You can split it between parents, but you are only paid 55% of your salary.

I couldn't fathom, when I first started reading childbirth books why they kept talking about pumping at work. It made no sense to me. I get it now.

AKD said...

A few women I know at work have to go to the bathroom to pump (which is what I'll likely have to do), even with their own offices. I think it's definitely the fear of someone walking in on them!

Ya Chun said...

oh we here in the US are so backwards! The 60's and 70's gave us the right to try to do everything at once - not a win-win!

an you block the door with a chair?

Saffy said...

Congratulations on your lovely little man :)
In New Zealand we get, by law, 12 months mat leave (+ more if we need time off while still pregnant to 'cook the baby' - I finished up at 28wks) - some jobs give 2 years. BUT unlike Canada we don't have 55% of our salary coming in (that would be blissful) - but better than nothing, the government gives us 14 weeks at about US$200.
Expressing at work would be tough. I'd get performance anxiety me thinks.