Tuesday, February 16, 2010

500 colored pencils

Check out this site to see one of the most beautiful collection of colors I have come across.

In my job each and every pattern that we create gets a name and a color ID. We search and search for good names that haven't already been used in our company's 30 yr history. Sometimes we get lucky and get a really great name. But mostly we settle for ones that can be very, very funny when pronounced by our sales staff in the first few showings. Color names tend to be even harder. Color is subjective - what looks green to me might look blue to someone else. You have to balance that with the nature of the pattern too. You couldn't give a southwest pattern a floral color name... And sometimes your mind just gets stuck... So having this to look at helps spark some pretty good ideas!

And thank you - for all the kind comments to my last post. Nothing has changed - but I'm trying not to let it get me down. My family is healthy, warm and happy...that's enough for right now.

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Saffy said...

What a fabulous site :) I always wondered who got the (seemingly from the outside) quirky and cool job of coming up with the names. I can imagine that there are some fabulous afternoons spent mulling over names? Awesome.