Thursday, February 11, 2010

I need a makeover

I don't very often post about my job because in general I really have nothing to complain about. (well - OK... better hours and better pay would be nice but let's be realistic...) Unlike most Americans I really do love what I do.

I work for a company that has become an industry leader in the last 5 years. We have not only survived an economic meltdown - but have become stronger and more successful than any of us ever thought.

What does any of this have to do with a makeover? I am a not so young female professional in a very public position at a company that claims to be a style leader. And somehow in the last few years in the midst of trying to build a family and survive several personal crisis - I lost my style. I used to be cute and trendy, with great shoes and clothes. Now, if an outfit doesn't involve jeans and my dansko clogs I can't be bothered.

Two things as many days have made me realize this...
  1. My co-director and I hired an assistant. OMG! we have needed someone for years and finally got the funding approved. She started this week. She is so cute and well dressed it makes me look like I am supposed to be crawling around on the floor cutting and sorting fabric! And our HR director pointed out that we are supposed to dress "professionally" at the office as she gave me a sideways glance.
  2. I went on a field trip with Amelia's class to the circus. SO MUCH FUN! But all of the other mothers were so well dressed - nice jeans, cute boots, jackets with matching hats etc... meanwhile - I am lucky to have made it out of the house with out puke running down my arm. I felt 100% frumpy in comparison.

A few weeks ago I got my hair cut short. I had a really cute short hair cut about 5 years ago. I tried to re-create that fabulous look - complete bomb! Then in an effort to make myself like the short hair I decided to color my hair - MYSELF! Complete atomic bomb! So now I'm stuck with a really horrible haircut and even worse color until it grows out and washed out.

Aside from the hair - my clothes suck too. Right now I am struggling with finding outfits to accommodate pumping. While I was at home it wasn't really a problem - I wore the same two t-shirts everyday. Unfortunately I can't wear faded button up t-shirts everyday to work. And right now isn't really a great time to go out and spend a bunch of money on a new wardrobe.


Ruth said...

You deserve something special, Donna. Here's hoping you can come up with a creative way to do that!

Tina said...

I know you will find a new look that is just perfect for you! Can't wait o see it!! xx

AnGèLe said...

I say cut the hair off!! I got a crap haircut in hopes to have a cute one too.. it didnt turn out! So I totally turned it into a pixie cut! BEST haircut Ive ever had! I felt so sexy! I bought tons of big earrings and totally felt hot and hip!! ;)

Hey.. eau de puke is expensive nowadays! ;)

Mrs. Spit said...

Thrift stores can be really great.

Send me an email, and I might have some ideas.

Michele said...

I vote we send you to What Not To Wear (

I know what you mean about feeling frumpy. I feel that way too. :(

Ya Chun said...

I am n stylista, but local sept stores or boutiques and also salons might be doing makeover contests - I have seen a few around - so maybe you can start entering them like crazy!

Pumping clothes- what about loose outer shirts with long waists that can go over a tank like a glamour**mom tank??

This sounds like a good time to have some fun with it through, instead of stressing!

Ya Chun said...

oh, and if you email me your name and city I will nominate you for what not to wear too!

Bluebird said...

Ah, I get you! I'm hoping that "after I'm done being pregnant", as I say to DH, that this weight will come off fairly quickly and I, too, can work on a makeover. It's been a long time coming.