Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Sorry I haven't had much to say in the last week.

I have hit a major wall of exhaustion. I get home from work and I can't do anything!! I lay on the couch and am in bed by 10:00 and then I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning. For me - that's not normal!!!!

It is Market week here. For me that means days full of customer visits and endless walking in and out of showrooms. It's fun and exciting - but makes for really long days. And I realized that the next 2 months are the busiest of the season at work. Our sales meeting and line release week fall the week before my due date. It makes me even more tired just thinking about it!

I've got an Ultrasound, NST and Dr's appointment today. I'll post more about big boy later!


Ya Chun said...

wow - you can make it to 10?

I go to be at 9, and I often fall asleep on the couch before then. I don't know what my husbands excuse is....

Try going to bed even earlier - maybe you won't feel tired all day. :)

Can't wait for the us news.

Michele said...

Tired... I understand... I dont see how you are keeping up with this hectic schedule!