Sunday, October 4, 2009


I'm going to keep posting pictures and little tidbits this week. Even though I didn't have much time in WI after the funeral - I was able to collect some really special things of my grandmothers. Here's the first installment...

I learned many, many things from Grams but my favorite was sewing. From as early as I can remember she made my dresses. In every single holiday / family gathering kind of picture of me as a baby and child I am wearing one of the outfits she made for me. Eventually she made outfits of all of us - usually out of the same (or matching) fabrics.

Before leaving WI I helped my Mom start going through a few things. Grams had boxes and boxes of patterns. We all remembered different ones that she had sewn for us over the years.

When I was very young she would give me fabric scraps and I would wrap them around my barbies to make clothes. I pestered her for years to teach me to sew. Finally when I was 10 yrs old she decided I was ready for the sewing machine.

This is the very first pattern that I used. I made the shorts and tank top. It was a yellow knit fabric with white trim. I'm sure it was horribly made - but I was so proud of it.

This was one of the next things that I made. I think I used some calico print fabric for the dress - but I don't really remember it all that well.

I used this skirt pattern in various forms all the way through high school... I could probably still cut and make it from memory.

I used this one in 7th or 8th grade for my Home Ec project. Everyone else was making letter pillows. I remember thinking I was so cool because I knew how to sew and no one else did. It was about this time that she gave me my first sewing machine. It was hers from when she had first gotten married. It was on old black (cast iron??) Singer. It was a temperamental old thing - but I LOVED it!!!

This one was from 5th or 6th grade. I begged for weeks to get my Grandma to make this for me for my Christmas dress - as she said - it was just to "putzy". I knew it was - but what kid thinks of that kind of thing for long... Finally she gave in. It was my favorite dress ever. I wore it for the next 2 (and possibly 3) years until there was no possible way I could get it on any more.


Tina said...

What wonderful memories you have with your grandmother. I hope you are doing okay. xx

Just Breathe said...

There is something about those envelopes with patterns that always gets me. Those are so awesome. They take me back in time. How wonderful that you have them from you Grandmother.

Michele said...

I just loved sharing in the memories of your grandmother via this post. I know you will treasure those patterns... Just as she did to keep them...

Bluebird said...

Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us.

My gram *kind of* taught me to sew, but insists she doesn't *really* know how, therefore isn't capable of teaching :) What that really means is that neither of us know how to use a pattern!

I bet you could do something really neat and artistic with those - something along the lines of mounting and framing. . . just a thought :)