Thursday, October 8, 2009

More pictures

My Mom sent me a few more things yesterday and I finally took pictures of the other things I brought home with me...

Grams always had a hankie tucked into her sleeve. My mom sent me these from her stash.
She made this for me when I was born.
I found these fabric scraps when I was sorting out her sewing stuff. The pink fabric was from a dress she made for me in high school and the purple fabric is from an Easter dress she made for me when I was about 10.
This was her button tin. I sorted and re-sorted these buttons for what feels like hours while I was staying with Grams. It's funny - I opened the tin and just the smell of the buttons brought me back to that time with her.
I was so happy to find these two things still in her sewing room. I loved to play with her pin cushion when I was little. The doggie sewing caddy was made by my great grandfather (I called him "little grandpa") and originally used by my great grandmother ("little grandma"). I can remember palying with it at their house originally. Then Grams had it and I still played with it. I really wish I had a sewing room to put it in for YaYa to play with.

This is the oddest little thing - but he was always sitting on the counter in the bathroom. I know every grandchild has played with this little guy at one time or another - and he's got the scars and a band-aid on his butt to prove it. But he was always there...

This rolling pin is special. It is the one and only rolling pin Grams had from the time she got married. I can't even begin to fathom how many cookies and pies were made with this rolling pin. Thanksgiving and Christmas will never be the same. I guess I'm just biased - but I've never had a pie crust that I like as much as I liked hers. It was always perfect.
This may seem liek a strange one. It's my grandmother's second husband. My Mom's dad died when I was a little over a year old. So I never really knew him. (And it's still strange to formulate what to call him) This is the man that I think of as my grandpa. He was old school Norwegian - gefilte fish and all. He played the concertina in a polka band. I loved to be at their house when he practiced.

This is the picture that YaYa drew for me while we were at the funeral. I'm in the middle crying and "Grandma Great" is standing next to me watching from heaven. YaYa has talked about this a lot since we were in WI. In her mind baby Ellie and Grandma Great are together in heaven watching over us.


Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful post. The treasures from your grandmother are wonderful. I'm glad you have them. (It's a Kewpie Doll) My sister has our grandmothers rolling pin, it's very special.
Polka Band, we always did the polka at weddings!

Bluebird said...

I like YaYa's mind ;)

Ruth said...

I like all the treasures from your grandma - especially the button tin!
Beautiful picture and beautiful thoughts about Ellie.

Tina said...

My mom has a button tin that looks almost identical to that. I love Yaya's picture. Their little minds are so wonderful. xx

Michele said...

Yaya's picture is so lovely. That is so sweet. I think your Grandma is holding Ellie right now. :)

What wonderful memories of your grandmother. I know you will treasure those things always.

Ya Chun said...

what wonderful family treasures.

I hope your mom finds the pie crust recipe, then you'll have to try it many times to get it right!

I also kept some of my gram's hankies. The nicer ones I might sew into a small pillow or quilt.

MY sewing machine is back in the study-come-nursery-come sewing.craft.junk room. I am hoping it will need to be evicted next year, but then I won't know where to put it! The basement room is to dark and the attic room gets to hot/cold. But, I hope to keep sewing for the bay.