Friday, October 23, 2009


I think fall has arrived overnight here. All week we have had the kind of cold, wet miserable weather that no one likes to see arrive. Maybe it's just because I leave my house in the semi darkness every morning that I haven't noticed the changes.

But today - as I drove down the country roads that lead to our house I really noticed how beautiful everything is right now. We've gotten lots of rain so the lawns are all nice and green with lots of leaves scattered all over and the trees that still have leaves are red and orange and yellow. And there was just something special about the quality of the sunlight this morning. It was sunny and warmish and there was just a litle bit of drizzley moisture in the air to soften everything. It's just so amazingly beautiful. I want to go get my camera and take a picture so I can share it with everyone - but I know a picture won't capture the smell of the wetness or the feel of the air.

Happy fall!!!


AKD said...

Happy fall back! It's been such a cold summer/fall that the leaves here are just now really starting to change - too bad that such beauty means that snow is coming soon!

Michele said...

Fall is in full swing here as well. And we also have rain!