Thursday, August 27, 2009

44 years...

Today is the first of my parent's anniversaries... Strange, I know... But 44yrs ago today they slipped out and eloped... 2 days before their planned wedding! They were just crazy kids - my Mom was 20 and my Dad was only 19 at the time.
My maternal grandmother found out that they had done this and was furious! She wouldn't let them stay together (even though they were legally married) until after the wedding at the church. I even think she's still a little mad about it.

So now every year my parents celebrate both of their wedding anniversaries two days apart.

They couldn't afford a wedding photographer so this is one of a handful of pictures that they have from the "real" wedding.

Every so often my sisters' and I dig out my Mom's wedding dress and take turns trying it on. None of us could ever really wear it. She was TINY at the time.


Bluebird said...

So sweet :)

My mom's wedding dress just depresses me. Even in high school I don't think it would fit over my hips!

Michele said...

I love that story! Peter and I have 3 anniversaries: our marriage, our wedding, and then our Catholic ceremony (my parents were very anti-Catholic at the time, so our wedding ceremony was Lutheran and we had our Catholic service 4m later).

Just Breathe said...

Happy Anniversary twice to your parents. My husband and I have been married twice to each other but that's because of a divorce.
So we remarried on the same day
6/24/72 and 6/24/89.

Tina said...

How fun...still trying on your mother's dress with your sisters! That's like playing dress up, but as an adult! Thanks for sharing. xx