Tuesday, March 3, 2009


OK - I know I've already asked this question but now I have some real options to consider...

I have spoken to several MFMs and there is no issue with me getting pregnat again. The specialist that I have seen several times now thinks that my PE was caused by APS (a blood clotting disorder) so I will be on Lovenox for the duration of any future pregnancy. And my BP is under control and I will stay on BP meds until we decided not to pursue another pregnancy.

The big problem seems to be me actually being able to get pregnant again. Which given my history is no suprise

Option #1 - No medical assistance. I'm not considering this one very seriously because in the 18 years I've been off of birth control I've only gotten pregnant once this way. So I'm just not thinking the odds are good...

Option #2 - Injectible IUI cycle with a cost of $500. This one has been the front runner in my mind so far, but I'm not really sure why. It seems like a less stress filled and emotional option. But the odds of getting pregnant this way aren't that much better than option #1. So possibly a complete waste of money and I use up all of the meds that I had left from IVF.

Option # 3 - FET with a cost of $1700.. This one should be the front runner but for some reason it scares me to DEATH! We have two frozen embryos left from our IVF cycle in September. But for some reason everytime I think of doing the FET it feel slike I am dooming these two possible babies to certain death. I have even considered donating them (but I know I never could...). The IVF didn't work and I really don't have a great feeling about the FET. But according to my new RE I should never have done IVF with the size of the septum that was left after the first surgery.

Option #4 - not well thought out yet, it just came to me last night in bed... Do I ask one of my sisters to be an egg donor?

I just need to pick one and get it over with. It's just one of those decisions that doesn't seem to have a good final answer - and I really hate that...


Courtney and Jason said...

I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I know the thought of getting pregnant just scares me to death as well especially since we have to do FET.

I wish you nothing but peace when making your decision.


Michele said...

I'm sorry. I'll give my opinion and you can tell me to but out. Since you have two frozen babies, I'd say do the FET and hope for the best. But I know that is easier said than done when you are so afraid. Peter and I do IUI but we decided long ago IVF wasn't something we'd do, so in that way, our decision is an easy one.

I'm crossing my fingers for you and wishing you peace in your thoughts and decision making.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are faced with such difficult decisions. I hope you can feel at peace with whatever decision you make.
I know how hard it is.