Thursday, January 22, 2009

a pair of socks

Right now the only connection I have left to being pregnant is a pair of socks. It's silly but I wore them today just because they were the last thing I was still wearing while Ellie was alive. I pulled them out to wear a few months ago but I couldn't wear them then. Today they are a comfort. There is nothing special about these socks - other than they happened to be on my feet January 22, 2008.

On January 22nd, 2008 I was filled with hope and happiness. We had had a successful amnioinfusion. And because our lives had yet to be touched by tragedy T & I thought that we could go home and celebrate.

No such luck...

I was admitted to L&D because my BP had skyrocketed and finally everyone knew the cause of the anhydramnios and IUGR.... PREECLAMPSIA...

At this point we still had high hopes that Ellie would survive.

The following 48 hours would change us forever.


Mrs. Spit said...

It was hard to put the shirt I wore to the hospital away. I still remember what it looks like.


Ya Chun said...

Hopeful. Yep.

I wonder if you washed your socks. Triple S saved his shirt but was quite adamant about not washing it. I also doubt that he will ever wear it again.


Michele said...

I am thinking of you right now. I pull out the pants I was wearing with Alexander and the shirts from Nicholas and Sophia. I'm wearing a shirt now. Sending you a big hug