Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ellie's Songs

These are the songs we chose for Ellie's funeral.

Blessed Assurance
I Don't Want To Get Adjusted (To This World)
Glad Reunion Day
I'll Fly Away
Further Along

For the short time she was alive we listened to Lifeline by Iris Dement. Most of the songs for the funeral were chosen from that album. If you have never heard Iris Dement sing you should look her up on iTunes. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful. I haven't listened to any of this music in a year until this past weekend. As Truett said - "It's time to free this music"


Michele said...

What beautiful songs. For the twins, we chose "You Are Mine" by David Haas. Alexander's song was the "Song of St. Francis". Although, we sang both songs to all of them, those were the ones we identify with them.

Mrs. Spit said...

What wondeful choices!