Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few more questions

I need more help – (as always!)


Little man has a few good nights here and there where he will sleep through the night.  But mostly he wakes up 2 – 3 times a night to eat.  Sometimes I can just rub his back and he will go back to sleep – but usually he won’t go back to sleep until he’s had his “snack”.


I don’t mind doing it – but am I doing something wrong by letting him eat?  Should I just try to get him to go back to sleep so he will learn to sleep through the night?


Niki said...

Donna, how old is the little guy now? I think you are breastfeeding, so you can't really tell how much he's eating, but if you think he's just eating a small amount then I'd say put him back to sleep. My boys are 6mo and wake on occassion 1x to feed at night. They eat 6-8oz and immediately fall back to sleep. My pedi told me last week that if they wake and only eat an oz or two then they are just waking for the attention from mom/dad. At that point she recommended not giving them a bottle. I know my boys can sleep 12 hours without feeding because they do it 2-3x each week, but if they wake and eat a full bottle I'll continue to feed them at night. Good luck!

Michele said...

If he's hungry, I say feed him. Babies work on their own schedules and eventually, he'll get through the entire night.

Ya Chun said...

this is a good question! there is so much conflicting info out there!

Bea is almost five months. She sleeps about 6 hours then wakes up for a diaper and a feed. But then it seems that she is up off and on for the rest of the morning, doing snack nursing. Sometimes I try to keep it away from her, but then she just stays up! She might eat 2 or 3 more times from 1 am.

So, I dont have an answer for you, but just a similar situation!