Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good news???

Well - yes, I guess it is good news. The 2nd surgery was a complete success! Something finally worked out the way it was supposed to.

But now we are left with the decision of where to go from here. We have had an emotionally draining year. I know that Truett is ready to be done with the emotional rollercoaster.

But after so many years of trying and not trying and avoiding anything to do with TTC - I want this to WORK. That's all there it to it.

I don't want to have put myself, my wonderful, paitent husband and my beautiful daughter through hell to walk away with nothing but a sad smile and a "maybe it will work next time" kind of farwell.

So - tell me... what would you do? As a 38 YO with tired ovaries, chronic HBP and the very real chance that PE will occur again? Would you go for broke and try every possible method of getting pregnant before you finally gave up?


Mrs. Spit said...

Well, the good news about being chronic is that they are going to let you get much higher, and they know to watch you.

Have you seen a perinatologist? Would that help? It helped us make our decision.

Michele said...

The thing that Peter and I have asked ourself time and time again is why we use an RE. Is it because we are willing to go all the way? And we havent been. We still arent. Since I dont ovulate and have somewhat hostile mucus, we've decided that the only method we will use is ovulation induction and IUI because that is all that our Church allows. And, if it doesnt work, then we are okay with that. We have always planned on adopting and, to us, that is just another way to "have" children. So, I think you just have to ask "why". Is it about you having another child or is about a child having the wonderful parents that you guys are? Is it about pregnancy or parenting? If you spend all you have and it doesnt work out as you'd hope, will you be unable to pursue other methods of expanding your family, and are you okay with that? If our insurance didn't cover my meds and RE visits, we wouldnt go. We made that decision long ago. The cost of getting pregnant wasnt worth not be able to parent our children the way we want (SAHM, etc). We decided that IF treatments that cost more than adoption would be out of the question regardless of our religious beliefs. But it was years of discussion and a lot of researching and praying. I wont say that every step has been easy because they havent been.

You guys have to be on the same page, regardless. I think that is one of the most important things.

I'm sending you warm thoughts and hoping you guys find peace, whatever you decide.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had an answer, I have put limitations on what I would do and I have broken every one of them so far.

S said...

I'm glad the surgery was a success, its always excellent news when things go "right"!!

Whatever you decide, I hope it works out for you three. And I hope you don't drive yourself crazy second guessing yourself. Unfortunately I don't know my limits yet. I will, one day, but in the meantime, I'm giving it everything I can.