Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birthday celebration

We had a special birthday celebration for my boss today. He turned 65 and celebrated 50 years working in the textile industry at the same time. His career started when he was 15 years old and began working for a carpet company in his native Ireland. We had a great birthday brunch.
With some careful planning we framed one of the first carpet designs he painted. He was 18 years old at the time. He had brought it in to work to show us a few months ago and we secretly borrowed it and took it to be framed. It is one of the few remaining original artwork pieces he has. The rest of his portfolio was stolen many years ago.

And then - because we are a fabric company after all... we turned the artwork into fabric that will be released in our June line as a tribute to someone we all love very, very much! He was speechless!

This is the artwork...

This is the fabric...

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